Maho MH 500C

Hi folks This site is dedicated to  the machine Maho MH500 C with the controller Maho/Phillips 432

Sorry folks my spelling is terrible but I hope you understand some of the things here


The Maho/Phillips 432 controll

To get the moust out of this CNC mill you need to connect to a computer. Then you need a Serie RS232 cable

DNC from Computer to 432 controll

Here is the instruction on how you transfere programs beteen computer and the 432 Controll
I made my Maho 432 to talked to my computer(DNC). I have made a DB9 to DB25 full handshake cable (Like in the picture above). And i used Hypertermial to transfere the programs. easy and seems to work nice

Here is how I did it if anyone wants to know:

First I checked Machine constants
Nr 115 =1 means 2 as stop bit (=0 means 1 is stop bit)
Nr 116= 2400 Input Baudrate and
Nr 117 =2400 output baudrate. In my case baudrate is set to 2400, but I found in some papers that they had used 4800 before on my machine so I migth try this.

Then I opened Hyperterminal (Is in windows under programs/accessories/comunication)

I used this parameters
connect to Com1
Baudrate= 2400
Data bits= 7
Parity= Equal
stop bits= 2
Flow controll= Hardware

Send CR at line end
Local ecco

Then I go to the controll and press
I selected ALL MEMORY
press "MEM LOCK"

Then I used a simple program as a test

% PM
N1 G1 X20 F500
N2 G1 Y20
N3 M30

I marked the text/program above and rigth click in Hyper terminal window and choose "Paste to Host"

When all lines was sent I have to press
"CTRL+D" on the computer. Then the program is in the controll.
I Actually don't anderstand why I have to press ctrl+D. But its works :-)

Remember to press "file" and "save as" and save the hyperterminal settings on you desktop.

Gcodes and Mcodes

I have made a Excel file where I have made G and M code list

Download the Excel file with G and M codes


Here is a little logo milled in my machine. The pocket was done with program 9003 (example under) an the G code was downloaded to the machine with Hypertermial

Simple program examples

I have done some programs examples here and written a litle note. These program can very easily be modified and then used again and again.

% PM
N1 G18 T1 (Senterbor)
N2 G81 Y2 Z-2.5 F100 S2000 M13
N3 G79 X0 Z0 Y0
N4 G91
N5 G79 X-10
N6 G14 N1=5 J8
N7 G90
N8 M9
N9 M30

Drilling a row of holes. First hole has the coordinate x0 Y0 Z0
The depth is -2.5
Retract is 2
10 holes

The holes is drilled along the X axis

Distance between holes is 10

% PM
N1 G18 T1 (bor)
N2 G81 Y5 Z-10 F100 S2000 M13
N3 G79 X-10 Z10 Y0
N4 G79 X-40 Z10 Y0
N5 G79 X-10 Z40 Y0
N6 G79 X-40 Z40 Y0
N7 G79 X-25 Z25 Y0
N8 M9
N9 M30

Drilling holes at coordinates
Depth -10
Retract 5

The coordinates to drill is after the G79


% PM
N1 G18 T1 M67 (Fres)
N2 G87 X55 Y40 Z-5 B4 K4 R10 F200 S800 M13
N3 G79 X0 Y0 Z0
N4 M9
N8 M30

Milling simple pocket with round corners
The pocket is 55 mm in Xdirection
40 high and  5 mm depth
retract is 4mm

Corner radius is 10 mm
position of the pocket is after G79
Position is givern from the senter of the pocket

to do more than one pocket just ad a new line with G79 and the position of the next pocket

Picture of the result of the program

% PM
N1 G18 T1 M67(Fres)
N2 G87 X55 Y40 Z-5 B4 K4 R10 F200 S800 M13
N3 G79 X0 Y0 Z0 B1=45
N4 M9
N5 M30

The same as the simple pocket above. But the pocket is rotated

B1 is the angle to the X axis( 45 here)

% PM
N1 G18 T1 M67 (Fres 10mm )
N2 G88 X55 Y15 Z-5 B4 K5 F100 S500 M13
N3 G79 X0 Y0 Z0
N4 M9
N5 M30

Milling slot
Mill a slot with full radius in both ends length 55mm
Width 15 mm
Depth  5mm
Retract 4mm
K is how much to cut each step
G79 is the senter of the radius in at the left side

% PM
N1 G18 T1 M67 (Fres )
N2 G89 Z-15 B4 R25 K6 F200 S2000 M13
N3 G79 X0 Y0 Z0
N4 M9
N5 M30

milling circular pocket
Depth 15
Retract 4. 
K is how much to cut each step
Circle radius 25
G79 is the senter of the Circle

The pocket in the midle is done by program 9006

% PM
N1 G18 T1 M67 (Fres )
N2 G81 Y4 Z-15 F100 S2000 M13
N3 G77 X0 Y0 Z0 R50 I0 J6
N4 M9
N5 M30

Drilling holes in circular pattern with equal distance between the holes
Numbers of holes 6 (J6)
Radius of circle 50
I angle of the first hole
Depth 15 mm
Retract 4mm. 
The coordinates after G77 is the center of the hole circle.

It's also possible to use this to drill holes along a part of a circle

Example 4 holes on a radius 25. where first hole is at angle 30 and last hole is at angle 150 the code would be:
( eks G77 X0 Y0 Z0 R25 I30 K150 J4)

The holes around the pocket is done with program 9007

% MM
N1 G79 X-40 Y0 Z0
N2 G79 X0 Y40
N3 G79 X40 Y0
N4 G79 X0 Y0-40

N1 G18 T1 M67
N2 G81 Y2 Z-2 F200 S2000 M13
N3 G22 N=9008
N4 G18 T2
N5 G81 Y2 Z-20 F125 S2000 M3
N6 G22 N9008
N7 G17 T3
N8 G84 Y5 Z-15 F400 S400 M3
N9 G22 N9001
N10 M9
11 M30

An example of the use of a sub program. 4 holes should be drilled and tapped  in a sub program is the positions of the four hoels 

In the main program is the drill an tap codes. They call up the sub to place the machining



Maho documents

I have collected some documents that can be usefull when you work with a maho 432 controll

Machine constants ( In german) If anyone have one in English it would be nice

Error list (In German) the complete Error list 

Programming manual part1 ( In Sweedish) If anyone have one in English it would be nice

Programming manual part2 ( In Sweedish) If anyone have one in English it would be nice

Programming manual part3 ( In Sweedish) If anyone have one in English it would be nice

Maho_mh500c_432_electrical_scheme ( In German) If anyone have one in English it would be nice

siemens_simoreg_spindle_drive ( In German) If anyone have one in English it would be nice


I have made a post processor for Edgecam. The post is buildt up the way so it exchanges the Z and Y axis and invert X axis. This means that when you se the modell in edgecam in top wiev you will see the part the same way as you stand and look down on your part. So when you are in edgecam everything acts normal. And the simulation will do the same as the machine.

The post might have errors and I have only done some testing on this.  You use this post at your own risk. If you find errors please sendme a mail.Have done some bug fix and the new version 18 is way better.

Edgecam postprosessor Version 18


Info Links
I can really recomend Practical Machinist as a place to search for maho info

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I can also recomend CNCzone as a place to search for more info about your Maho machine. The best thread on the Maho 432 controll you find at